Friday, May 8, 2009

Spoiled Baby!

We had a good night's sleep again, but we had to do something I swore I wouldn't do. Ryan slept in the bed with us. You see, the blankets we have are not suitable for swaddling. One is too heavy and makes him hot and the other ones are stretchy, so he is able to get his arms out and it falls off him. We certainly don't want him in the bassinet with blankets that will come off b/c that's just not safe, but he won't sleep by himself if he is not swaddled b/c his arms and legs flail about and he cries. So, he slept on my chest all night. While we both really enjoyed it, we aren't gonna make a habit out of it (don't plan to any way). I propped myself up on pillows and didn't have the covers around him, so I felt safe about it all. We did get a god night's sleep though.

We took Ryan by my work again yesterday and then to Bay Area Pregnancy Center to drop off some donations and show him off. There might have been a sick lady in there and I felt like an awful mommy for bringing him in there, especially without checking first to make sure everyone was healthy. We went and got fresh shrimp and grouper and had that for dinner last night.

We also went to a photog studio that my friends own out in Odessa, about an hour from here. It is out in the country. It is gorgeous. They live on a farm and have horses that we got to feed. They shoot for weddings, engagements and babies. Their work is awesome! So any way, since I went to school with them, we are getting a 50% discount!!!!!!! We have a shoot scheduled for May 27th. Not sure if we will do it at our house or at the beach. We are really excited. We will get copies of all the photos, but they will also do portraits and albums for us that are really creative and gorgeous if we ever decide to get them. The drive out there was fun and figuring out what we will do for little man's photo shoot was exciting!!! We are going the creative route instead of traditional pics. We will also use one of the pics for our announcements.

Sean and I have fought a bit. He seemed to get frustrated with not being able to swaddle last night and I thought he was a little too frustrated so I took Ryan from him. Then in the middle of the night, Sean was holding Ryan while I went to the bathroom. I came back and fed him and then I asked Sean if he wanted to burp him. He said yes, but I guess he was just too out of it and sleepy so he just held Ryan and fell back asleep. Well, Ryan had spit up all over him and in his mouth and I took him again to get him cleaned up and had kinda freaked for a second b/c Sean was supposed to be watching him, burping him and I didn't want him to choke. We talked about it, prayed about it and all is OK now. I know we are both going to make mistakes and so we just need to be supportive of each other. I just feel pretty protective of my son, maybe a little bit too much. is the web site for Limelight photography studio. - Ryan hospital pics


Becca said...

Joel and I had so many nights like'll happen. As for the swaddling thing i totally understand. Kenzie would NOT sleep without being swaddled, but luckily she needed thick blankets so we had plenty of those!!

Hettie Brewner said...

yah well its like 90 here! HOT!