Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ryan Nicholas Brewner - our precious baby

This is going to be quick, although I always say that and then I go on to write a novel, but things are drastically different today and all for the better! I have a little baby boy to feed in about nine minutes and that is way more important than sitting on the computer. I am glad that I had time to change the baby ticker at the bottom of the blog from prego countdown to Ryan's first birthday. So, let's see how much I can say before the little man needs me, which by the way is the best feeling in the world. This little bundle of absolute joyness is totally dependent on me and Sean. Well, dad just said he is getting restless.

OK, Ryan Nicholas was born April 29, 2009 weighing 7 lb and 12 oz,21 inches long at 5:16 PM. He is gorgeous. I will post pics a little later.

After about 24 hours off bed rest and meds to stop contractions, I started bleeding heavily. We went to the hospital and our OB and midwife were not comfortable with my amount of bleeding. Baby was fine. Decided to do an emergency C section. It was a little scary and at one point I thought I just want to go home, not be pregnant anymore, go back to my old life and not go through this, but I braved through it. It wasn't too bad. A lot of tugging and pulling, but that was about it. It hurt when they had to push on my upper belly to get Ryan out. He cried right away (best sound I have ever heard) and said "It's a boy". Sean went with the nurses to clean him up and then I got to see him. They stitched me up and Sean went with Ryan to the recovery room where my dad and grandma were already.

The C section has been painful no doubt, but delivery is supposed to be, whichever way it happens. I am just taking it easy and am not allowed to do too much. I feel better and better everyday.

We were in the hospital from Wednesday until Saturday. It was great to come home. He had a wonderful first night. Only woke up twice between 12 p.m. and 9 a.m. Not too bad. We had him in his bassinet.

We are just on cloud nine right now. I have been emotional (we both have), but not bad tears, all just overwhelmed with happiness and love for our son. I have to say I am mourning a bit over not being pregnant anymore, but I guess it should be expected; that was my life for nine months. We have our baby though, so what a reward! It was a "words cannot even explain" time of my life, especially with the complications. I just praise God for delivering a beautiful healthy little boy to us.

I do have to say, I wish I would have had some warning on how painful a C section is (even though I know you forget any way), how much bleeding there is after birth and engorgement!!!!! Oh and breastfeeding is going great. I really enjoy it and so does Ryan, of course! And nurses pushing on my uterus is no walk in the park either.

Well, I am sure I have a million other things I could talk about, but I have a small window of opportunity to get in the shower before Sean leaves to pick up my MIL from the airport.  She will be with us for a week. Dad is coming to babysit me and the peanut while Sean is gone.

OH and last thing!!!!! Great news - we paid off my car!!! we decided to take some of our investment money out, so we just paid them $5,000 and now no more car payments for me!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!


Becca said...

yeah boobs get ginormous btw:)
yay for being home!!

Hettie Brewner said...

Love being home!

Hilary said...


I am so proud of you and Sean and baby Ryan! I knew for some reason on Thursday that you were delivering the little one...I hope all is well. Love you!

Hettie Brewner said...

Love you too Hil!

Dana said...

HETTIE!!!!!! Wow! I didn't even realize you'd had the baby! haha! I should have remembered when you'd told me you were due but it totally slipped my mind for some durn reason! He's ADORABLE!!!! What a cutie! I've loved reading your entries about him :) Our Evelyn turned 5 on the 5th and Bo will be 4 in December! Time zooms by; I never really believed my friends who'd tell me that :) Congratulations to you guys :) Take a ton, I mean a TON of photos of Ryan. When he's four you'll miss his little baby chub :) We're still in Maine and loving it. Daniel will soon hit his 10 year mark. Ten down and ten more to go! haha! I'm homeschooling the kids--well worth it but very challenging and stressful. But worth it.
Anyway, take care!! Say hi to Sean for us :)
love, Dana

Hettie Brewner said...

Hi! So good to hear from you, Dana. It sounds like your family is dooing well. I can't believe how old the kiddos are now. Crazy. Time certainly does fly. I am glad you visited my blog and got to see our little man. Hope you all are doing well in Maine. Has Daniel had to deploy? I would love to home school and we probably will. I feel it's totally worth it, even if it is stressful. Public schools have really changed since I was younger. It was really good to hear from you. I will definitely tell Sean you said hello. Tell Daniel we said hi and give those babies kisses for us. Take care and God bless.