Sunday, May 24, 2009

The weekend so far

I am a blondie again. Really blonde! I will take some pics later. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday. Ryan and Sean went with me. My hairdresser is such a sweetheart. She cut Sean's hair for free and charges next to nothing for my hair. Ryan did very well there, but he did get hungry. I breastfed him there, which was the first time doing that not in the privacy of my own home. No one else was in the salon, but us, but still it was in public. Kind of. :)

Today we went to church. We are so happy to be back. We were a bit popular today. Really it was Ryan who got all the attention. It was awesome to see everyone again, to worship, to fellowship, just to be back in our church. The last time we were there was March 8th! That's a long time ago. We actually had to call Pastor Trail and get the service time! HA! Ryan did well in service, too. He got fussy for a sec and we went outside and he fell asleep instantly, so we were able to go right back in. I confess it is a little harder to pay complete attention to the message because I am paying attention to Ryan, too, but I don't feel comfortable putting him in the nursery.

We went to Freedomfest in Oldsmar. It was an outdoor festival with music, food, vendors, lots of Harleys, etc.    Ryan slept in his stroller the whole time. After that we went by dad's house and stuck our feet in the pool to cool off.

Now we are just relaxing at the house. We just finished our last Dave Ramsey CD. We are about to eat dinner. We bought steak and cheese to bring home from the festival.

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