Thursday, May 14, 2009

Worry Warts

I can't believe Ryan is already 2 weeks and 1 day old. Where has the time gone? It seems like we just had him yesterday, but it also feels like I have been his mommy forever. Weird how that works. It was the same thing with pregnancy. It felt like it flew by and it went slowly all at the same time. Today was his actual due date!

Mr. Man had a ped appointment today. We went in a little earlier than originally scheduled because we had a little scare last night. He had a hard time breathing, his nose was honking and he was congested and phlegmy. He had trouble eating because of it, too. He was a little aggravated by it and couldn't fall back asleep. Daddy kept aspirating him until he got a really long goober from his nose. That helped and the honking nose stopped, but he was still congested. We called Dr. Pai at 5 a.m. and they said to come in earlier. Any way, Ryan is fine and Dr. Hicks doubts it is a cold. She thinks it was probably something in the air that was bothering him. We are just supposed to watch him and go back in if it gets worse. We also got saline nasal spray for him, which seems to help. She said it was very normal for newborns to be congested, but not be sick. We were worried though. He weighs 8 lbs now, so he is past his birth weight now and he grew half an inch (21 1/2 now). His head circumference grew half an inch, too. She said he looked really good. :) He doesn't go back until July 2nd now. What a morning though. Mom hurt her shoulder, Ryan was congested, Allie was throwing up in my closet and ate it and me and Sean were worried parents. It was funny. Sean met my mom and I at the ped's and he asked what I did all morning. I said I fed Ryan, got him ready, showered, ate breakfast and we came to the doc. He was like "that's it". I was like jeesh it takes some time with a baby!

We took him to Frenchy's last night on the beach for dinner. It was fun, but a little too crowded and noisy and I started to get nervous about having Ryan there. He seemed oblivious; slept through the whole thing, even when the live band started and having to get him in the car in the pouring rain.

The program Healthy Families that we are a part of sent their RN over here yesterday to check on us and meet the little guy. She checked my incision and said it looked great. Checked Ryan's weight, Moro and Babinsky reflexes, his skin, mouth and belly button and everything looked great. :) It was nice to have a nurse come here for free to check us out!

I guess I should go. I have to start writing checks for our hospital bills. My dad blessed us with money to help pay for them.

Baby is sleeping on me right now. Love him!

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