Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good weekend

It has been a good first weekend with my new family! Sean came home from work around 12:30 yesterday and we really just did a whole bunch of relaxing and spending time with our son. He pooped all over me while I was changing his diaper! I am sure that is not the last time! We had another not so great night. He was up a lot with congestion again and would not sleep in his bassinet; only on us, which I swore I would never do, but alas we do it nightly! His eye has been goopey today, too, but he doesn't act sick. I am not sure. I am thinking maybe he scratched his eye because he will put his fingernails in his eyes sometimes when he is trying to suck on his fingers, but misses his mouth.

Today we met Tiffany and Adrienne for breakfast on Clearwater Beach. We also went to Sam's and Walmart because we have a $200 gift card. We got Ryan a humidifier, hoping that will help with the congestion and maybe the eye yucks, too. Maybe I will call the doc tomorrow. He seems fine now with no congestion and really just a bit of eye stuff.

Our church friend came over and brought us a HUGE bag of clothes. Ryan's wardrobe is far bigger than mine!

I only bled postop C section for one week, but it started again today. It scared me and I got concerned, even though I know it is normal to bleed for up to three months. The bleeding I experienced while pregnant was very traumatic, so I know that's why I am still scared. I have to get over it.

Ryan is on his Boppy for tummy time, but is taking a nap instead. Allie has been very curious and I am keeping a close eye on her, but I did happen to capture a cute pic. Well, I was going to upload the pic, but it won't. Ohs wells.


Becca said...

yeah parenthood is just like pregnancy. You can want to do something a certain way all day long, but in the end you do what works. Paci's and sleeping in bed :) I said the same thing about Kenzie being in bed with us and she ended up in there on and off for 2 months! :)

Hettie Brewner said...