Saturday, May 9, 2009


I think it is something new every night with the little man. Last night, he woke up about every two hours because he is getting strong and unswaddling himself and he just wanted to cuddle, which of course is OK by me. We gave in to the paci last night, which he quite enjoyed and it did help a lot. So, we will try to give it as a last resort at night. I don't have anything against pacis, I have just heard that they can interfere with breastfeeding. Him eating properly is very important and I don't want to mess with that.

Sean and I went to downtown Dunedin to do some shopping for my MIL's Mother's Day gift. It was nice to have some us time, but we missed Ryan lots.

My MIL took us to Babies R Us and bought us a ton of stuff. She even bought me a really nice electric breast pump. She also bought us a web cam from Best Buy so they can see their grandson. We went to Publix after that. I did a lot yesterday for having surgery 10 days ago and 8 weeks of bed rest. Granted, I had to find a place to sit each place.

My mama is coming in today for a week. I am so excited! I am also excited for Mom's Day!!!!!

OK, a little uncomfy to type with the little mister on my lap dozing.

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