Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to the grind

My first Mother's Day was beautiful! We woke up and Sean, my mom, my MIL and my step-grandma made me eggs Benedict and fresh fruit smoothies. Delicious! We took my MIL to the airport, which was hard and we miss her lots! She was such a big help this week and we really enjoyed spending the week with her. Me, Sean and Ryan went to my mom's hotel room and sat by the water. Then we went to my grandma's for a family BBQ. It was fun and everyone was loving seeing Ryan. I got a little freaked out and had another new mommy moment. We were all sitting outside and it has been super hot here and I felt that Ryan was burning up. I was paranoid for a while. Sean said it was I who was the hot one, which I was burning up and sweating, probably from the breast feeding and hormones and oh yah we live in FLA! We also forgot to bring something to put Ryan in while we ate, all we had brought was his car seat, which he only likes if he is riding in the car, and a sling. Another new parent lesson. So I ate first and then Sean did. We also need to get into a bedtime routine. We get Ryan all settled and then realize he needs a diaper change and to be undressed and swaddled so we have to get him all worked up and crying and soothe him again. I think sometimes we forget how long we go without changing his diaper, too. Shhhh, don't tell anyone! New parents!!!!!!!! We got a lot more presents yesterday for the baby. I got a bunch of Mother's Day cards and Sean got me a Willow Tree figurine of a mom and dad holding a baby. It is precious. I have the best husband and Ryan has the best daddy. We miss him lots today! He is back to work after 2 weeks off. It's good my mama is here. Our morning started off funny. Ryan peed on his head (the obstacle of changing a baby boy's diaper!!!) and he put his foot in his poo. All before 7:30 a.m.! Mom is here now and just made me B-fast. I miss Sean! :(


Becca said...

Gotta say that i'm thankful i had a girl if only for avoiding the shooting pee!! LOL. So are you guys trying cloth diapers yet?

Amy Younce said...

It was so good to see you yesterday! It was hot out yesterday, so don't be worried about being paranoid. That's what moms do, worry about their children! Obviously if you see my comment, that mean I was able to figure out how to get an account, yeah!

Hettie Brewner said...

Becca: We have not gotten cloth diapers yet. We are going to; we just got so many disposables gifted to us that we are using those first.

Amy: Yay! So glad to see you! I know moms, new ones especially, will worry, but I really need to relax and enjoy every moment and trust in God. It was hot though!