Sunday, May 10, 2009


We had a very relaxing day yesterday! We lounged all day with my MIL and the baby. Me and Sean and Ryan picked up my mom and Phyllis (my step-grandma) from the airport yesterday evening and they came here and we ordered Chinese food.

Ryan only woke up twice last night. At 5:30 after I fed him, he got some good grandma time with my MIL and Sean and I got some extra good sleep, until of course he needed to eat again around 8, but we got a good 2 hours. :) Yesterday is the first day that I didn't nap and felt pretty good all day long. I didn't feel completely exhausted. :) It's just getting used to not being on bed rest, healing from surgery and having Mr. Man to take care of.

I am excited for my first mom's day and it is nice to have my MIL and mother here to celebrate. What an awesome feeling to be a mom!!!!

Really nothing else new. I don't have the baby blues but I am sad that my MIL is leaving today and that Sean goes back to work tomorrow. It's been nice to have him off for two weeks. Me and baby are going to miss daddy lots! I am super happy that I have my mom here all week though. I am also feeling a little lost. More like it is hard to define me right now. I guess because there are so many changes, all awesome ones that I wouldn't ever want to give back, but it is a little weird to know yourself and then have everything change. My new self is being a mommy and I love my new self I guess it is just getting used to my new self.

Well we have mom, Phyllis and MIL here for Mom's Day so I guess I should stop blogging.

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