Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby's first bath and doc app

Little Ryan had his first doctor appointment yesterday. We really like our pediatrician. He is very kind and compassionate and really loves kids (thank goodness for that huh!!??).

So, his appointment went wonderfully. He was 7 lb 2 oz when we left the hospital and he is 7 lb 5.5 oz now, so yay breastfeeding is going well. I was worrying about that because it is hard to tell if he is getting enough nourishment, latching well, etc, but I really do love breastfeeding and so I am super happy he is getting what he needs. Other than weight and length, Dr. Pai did an exam. His nose and chin are a little jaundiced, but not enough to do anything about. His frendulum is tight, but as long as he continues to latch well, we don't need to do anything about it. It was so funny. We get in there and they say "name" and I'm like who's name?? Ask his BD and I think my BD, Sean's, then Ryan's. Then they say Ryan's mom and I look up waiting for Ryan's mom to go to the desk! I am not used to it yet - I'M A MOM!!!! I love it. Being a mom is the best feeling in the world. We waited 9 months to meet our little man and we dreamed about what he looked like, acted like, etc. and now here he is. I can't imagine life without him. I love him so much and I love Sean even more than I thought was possible now.

He got his first bath at home last night and he did really good.

We slept well again. Put him down at 11 and he woke up at 2ish and 4ish and then for good at 8ish.

Time for feeding. :)


Becca said...

I told you! It's very strange to go by another person's name that you never really used before! And birthdate! :) glad he is doing well!

Becca said...

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Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks sweetheart!!