Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another turn in this awesome yet crazy pregnancy

What a lovely day yesterday was. We went down to St. Pete for my appointment with Dr. Raimer (specialist at Bayfront) for an ultrasound. They did baby anatomy again, which was a bonus, since we already had that done back at 20 weeks or so. Baby has big feet, lots of hair and chubby cheeks and looked perfect! Baby weighs 7 lb 9 oz give or take over a pound, so yah, not too accurate. My placenta was previously 1.5 cm from my cervix; now it is over 4 cm at the lowest point from my cervix. So this means I am officially off bed rest, off the meds to stop contractions and we can aim for a vaginal delivery!!!! We are extremely happy. It feels very weird to not be stuck in bed and have all this freedom. I don't quite know what to do with myself and feel a little lost. When we got home from the appointment, I emptied the dishwasher and was exhausted and had to rest! I ate at the dinner table and we even walked Allie to our pond to feed the ducks. There are lots of little baby ones there. Too cute. We then went to Fritzie Freeze for ice cream cones to celebrate and also to mark my last day of my REALLY bad sweets addiction. I gotta stop it! I have had contractions since not being on the meds already, Braxton Hicks. If I use the restroom or change position, they seem to dissipate. We still had dinner brought to us by a church friend, so that was nice. Aunt Michelle and Uncle Dave came over to see the belly and the nursery. They argued over the size. Uncle thinks I'm huge, aunt no so much. It was entertaining. God is amazing and what a testimony!!!!

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