Thursday, May 8, 2008


We had our marriage class at church last night. Good as always.

I got a phone call from my OB-GYN today. The results came back abnormal, low grade cells. They want to do cryo treatment. They will freeze my cervix for five minutes. After that, I have to use a cream for 14 days and the abnormal cells will slough off. Oh joy. So my appointment is on May 23rd. I asked if this affected having kids. The lady said "no, we have people getting pregnant all the time". Well, ya, it is an OB office!!!!

I called the vet clinic today to follow up on our applications. She said they would call, that they are still doing interviews. It is starting to not sound so great for our chances, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

I did get a call from another vet clinic that I can do my volunteer hours for. I have to work 80 hours in a clinic before I can apply for vet tech school. I will go in Mondays and Saturdays 4 hours each of those days. I start this Saturday. Yay, I get to wear scrubs! I might have to get another pair or two to be fashionable! wink wink

Today has been kinda crappie. Sean and I were arguing and I am just in a low mood. I guess b/c of the test results and more treatments and the vet assistant jobs not sounding so in our favor anymore. But what can I do? I gotta get out of this little slump I'm in. I'm ready to end this day and have a brand new fresh start on the day tomorrow morning.


sbrewner said...

hooray for fresh starts. Love you

Becca said...

Sorry you were having a bad day! I hope today works out better for you. That stinks about the OBGYN news too...i hope everything is ok with your lady parts. ;)
I'm terrifed of my June appt because if things aren't happening for us by then then we'll start having tests done. EEP!
And dont worry about the Vet clinic you've said before...if it happens. Nobody ever said that life would be easy and perfect right? (unfortunately)

Hettie Brewner said...

Yep, it stinks, but things could be worse. And we have lots to be thankful for. Smiles today, not gonna think about bad things!