Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cowboy Boots and Wranglers Jeans

I think that our working interviews went really well yesterday at the vet clinic. We both did a lot of cleaning and just interacted with the staff and they observed are skills and abilities. There is one other candidate besides the 2 of us. They said they got a ton of applications, but really only liked us and the other person, so I think we have a good chance. And they are hiring 2 people. We are praying it is us 2! We will find out Monday. Unfortunately they did not call yesterday.

I had alone time yesterday. I missed Sean, but I really did a lot of thinking and came to some much needed realizations about my inner self. Driving on alt 19, listening to Jimmy and just pondering things really is therapeutic. There's nothing like a scenic drive with my favorite tunes. I drove up to Tarpon and looked at the house again. Then I did some exploring to see more of the area. I feel so at home there and at peace. It kinda reminds me of St. Marys, GA (where Sean and I met) and that just makes me feel all excited inside. It is quiet and peaceful and not so busy. I have really come to realize that I am a country girl through and through. I would much rather have land and wide open space and tranquility, just the simple life that comes along with not being in a hectic stressed out city full of busy people living their busy lives trying to get somewhere, but never really getting anywhere. I fess, I still love some of the finer things in life from clothes to fancy restaurants and all that good stuff, but I guess I am more of a Target girl than an Gucci girl. I can see Sean and I in that home with our babies and the vet jobs and camping, and enjoying life in Tarpon, and peaceful evenings on the front porch and enjoying the beach and just being us. I'm thrilled! Now, I just have to endure patience!

I have denied for so long things that I thought made me happy that really don't. There are definitely some things that I need to change. I need to be active and around people. I have missed that for a really long time. Other things too, but nothing I can really type right here right now.

We signed the contract for the house. Now, we wait (again) for the bank to give us their yay or nay.

We have relaxed this morning for a change. We also went for a jog/walk with Allie and Lacy from next door. That was not relaxing b/c the dogs are crazy. I just made the hugest breakfast with eggs, steak, bread, cheese, OJ, yum!

Hillbilly Hettie signing off, y'all! HA!


sbrewner said...

Get along little dogies YAH!

Hettie Brewner said...

Git er done

Becca said...

LOL you guys are crazy ^^

Joel and I will be praying for you guys to get the house. Home ownership is such a big and fun/awesome step.

I can only imagine how crazy your dad is going with all of those dogs around him. LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

Who dad??? He loves animals. Sort of. Not really.