Sunday, May 18, 2008

Short and Sweet

1. See pics I posted.
2. Veterans picnic at Bay Pines VA. Free food - good. Diseased sandwiches - bad. Spit it back in napkin, feel queasy and spend time in bathroom. Good music, beautiful day, good people, free counseling session, free hat (see hubby pic).
3. Madeira Bch : Insert money into meter. Walk to bch. Cue rain. Walk back to car. Get in car. Sun comes out. Go to John's Pass Village, walk around, see shops. Get a beer at The Hut. See pics.
4. Return home. Confusion over should we go for the town home or continue to try to get home in TS. Smart decision would be town home. Dream would be TS. Very tough to figure this stuff out. God, help pls?
5. Please, No autographs...... Sean and I on Fox news this morning b/c of the vet picnic. In background for 1/2 second.
6. Off 2 church. cu.

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