Saturday, May 24, 2008


The appointment went okay. Well, no, not really. I lie. It was not good, but who would think getting cryosurgery would be pleasant? We did not get the best of news, but Sean and I are keeping that private. Any way, the actual procedure went as good as it could go . It was a little painful. The aftermath is almost worse. I will not get into those details either. But, we gotta look on the positive side. At least they caught it and treated me before turning into something more serious, like the "C" word.

I spent about 4 hours at the vet clinic yesterday, which of course lifted my spirits somewhat since that is one of my favorite places to spend my free time these days (besides hanging with the hubby). The girls there are awesome (so is the vet)!

This morning, Rex and Schatzi's parents came to get them. It is definitely a lot more quiet around here and Allie looks depressed, we miss those 2 pups, but there will be less doody duty and we are $200 richer. They also brought me a really cool trinket from Hungary.

I am hoping today is much better than yesterday. Between the appointment, the bad news, being late for it, not being able to enjoy our walk with the dogs b/c we thought they were going to have a heat stroke, the pharmacy not having my prescription in stock, Florida drivers out in full force, my own inability to drive, being late to the vet clinic and then coming home to 59 faxes of work I had already done, so as to waste all my ink, paper and time sorting through it for free, suffice it to say yesterday stunk!

Hooray for a new day!

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