Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Gory Tales

Surgery day was awesome! I got to observe one dog getting paplomas removed from his leg. The second surgery was a neuter and hernia repair on a 9 week old puppy and the 3rd surgery was gruesome! I think I might have gotten a little dizzy on this one. The other 2 did not phase me at all. The 3rd was stone removal from the bladder on a dog or should I say stones....like 20 or so. The bladder was sitting on the outside of the dogs tummy. Then the bladder was cut open and stones removed. This involved a whole lot of blood spewing everywhere, like all over the floor and table, even all over the doctor, which I was wiping off with paper towels. WOW! That was a lot. I knew I would not throw up, because I was hungry, but I was definitely a little wobbly. I think it was all in my head though b/c I expected to get a little shaky over surgery day, so of course I did. Now, I can't wait to go back again! Which will be Thursday. Not sure if I will be seeing surgeries that day or not, but either way I love going there to work. It is so exciting. I'm so happy! 8 hours down, 72 to go!

School started back yesterday. I am taking an online class. New Testament Survey. It sounds like it will be a good class, I will learn a lot and the teacher seems very nice.

We got our mom's day gifts yesterday and put them in the mail. Be on the look out mom 1 and mom 2. Sorry late! We are bad kids, I know.

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