Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At least the work week starts on a Tuesday

Yep, back to work today after a wonderful long weekend. We ended on a high note. We went to Busch Gardens yesterday. Again, the longest we had to wait in line was maybe half an hour for Sheikra (the scariest ride ever!) We heart Busch Gardens!

My grandparents had the family over for a cookout in honor of Memorial Day, which brought up a very good question. What constitutes a veteran? Sean was not sure, neither was I. I thought it was someone who was enlisted during time of war, whether they fought in the war or not. Sean said that made sense, but then we couldn't figure out why the VFW will only accept veterans who have fought in war. That is pretty silly that we don't even know.

I will leave with this. What makes a parent think it is okay to bring their 10 year old daughter to Busch Gardens (or any public place for that matter) wearing daisy dukes and dancing like a stripper while standing in line for the rides. Totally inappropriate!

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