Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let It Be

This place has seriously gone to the dogs. The neighbors came back yesterday so no more taking care of their 3 pups and 2 birds. Angel the Shih-Tzu left yesterday. BUT 2 more dogs came this morning for the next 17 days. One is maybe a Rupie/Chihuahua mix named Rex and the other is a Boxer named Chatzi. They are so cute. We love all the dog sitting we have been doing. Oh and bird sitting, sorry birds. Dad is probably less than thrilled, especially since Angel peed in his room yesterday, but so far he has been pretty cool about it. Not mad, but at the same time not happy, if ya know what I mean. Allie enjoys it I think. She is probably a little confused. Sean and I probably enjoy it the most since we luv animals much!

We went to the mall yesterday and walked around after work. Then we went to Faye's BD party at her house. I haven't seen her in ages. Good times.

The vet clinic never called yesterday. Lemme tell you how much anxiety that caused me. Yeah, I know, I am such a wimp. I worry about every little minuscule thing that it's absolutely ridiculous. No matter how many times I say that I will relax and not fret, I do any way. I am my own worst enemy! Any way, so I had a complete tantrum and cried lots and basically told Sean that God only wants our life to be average and that we are not allowed to have dreams granted. We will probably be 47, living at dad's, doing transcription still. That is what is in store for us and I just need to get used to it. Well, Sean took it personally that our marriage was just average. Did not mean that. Our marriage is spectacular. So long story long, he had a nice firm (but loving) talk with me and made me realize that I was being awfully stupid about the whole darn thing. This morning, Sean called them and they said they had been super busy and that someone would call. So, I will just leave it at that. I say a million times over all the things I will do and I never do them, but this time I am for real. I am just going to relax and hope for the best. If not, something else will come along. And if we are living with my father still in 20 years and I am still a medical transcriptionist, well then, that is where God wants us.


sbrewner said...

I sure hope God does not want us to be here for 20 years. I think that would be a little bit much. But, who knows. He will show us what we are supposed to do.

Hettie Brewner said...

I know he will. I have faith!

Hettie Brewner said...