Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sign Us Up!

Let's see. We got a whole lotta stuff done yesterday. After work, we took grandma to the (I almost typed vet!) MD for a booty shot to make her knee feel better. Then we went to yet another animal clinic and filled out applications for kennel helpers. Next up, we became official VFW members. I know, it sounds like an old fogey thing, and honestly it is. Well, we were curious as to what goes on in these posts, so we visited our local #2550. I am not sure we saw anyone under the age of 70, but they were nice people and as I have said before, we need friends, we are desperate. SO, the head guy talked our ears off for a good 2 hours, but we got cake and Bud Light out of it (yummy combo). Any way, after all was said and done we gave them $55 to be members. 

Finally, we went to a foster parent class (for animals, not children). We will be foster parents for bottle babies (kittens). After we move out of Senor Padre's casa, we will also foster puppies, prego cats and cats and dogs that are recovering from injuries and/or emotional problems. We are thrilled! It benefits the Humane Society, the animals, me and Sean and my education for VT school!

After this day, we crashed!

PS: Why am I speaking in half Spanish?

P.P.S: Even more amazing, we got all this done while arguing all day. We're good!

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