Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The house is really shaping up. You wouldn't think so b/c it is still a complete wreck, but we have hardwood floors! In 2 rooms! YAY! Only 5 rooms to go. Sean is doing a fantastic job and is working really hard. I am proud of him.

The dogs aren't too happy about being trapped in the den all day while Sean is working, but they are dealing. Rex is weird. He won't really eat. He didn't eat at all yesterday. Today, Sean and I had to place each piece of his breakfast in his mouth and also his 2 bone a day regimen. What dog turns down treats? Actually, we were a little worried, but know that it is because he is shy and not used to being here yet. He is actually a really good dog and we are getting him to eat and drink so that's good, even if it is force feeding :O). The rest of the time he likes to hide under my feet, under our bed or under a table. He is funny though, when it is time to go for a walk, he is big man around the neighborhood, strutting his stuff on the sidewalk, but bring him back in here and it's back to taking cover. The Boxer Chatzi is a love. She is a cuddler like Allie. Allie has even been sharing her bed with her.

We heard today that we are still the only offer on the table for the house in TS. Also, that we should have an answer from the bank in 2 to 3 weeks if they will accept or deny our offer.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day, maybe too much so. I am not used to relaxing, not having anything to do. I was done with work at noon and basically had free time until bed time. Well, we are trying to save $ so we didn't want to spend any obviously. We ended up watching some movies. It was nice, but still strange and a little uncomfortable not knowing what to do with myself. Why is it that when I have a ton of things to do, all I wanna do is relax, but when I have nothing to do I try my hardest to find something to do?

Still no word from the vet clinic. :(


sbrewner said...

we are where we are supposed to be

Becca said...

Well i'm glad that your dog sitting is going well. That sounds like something i'd enjoy doing too. :)

Relaxation is something that i should probably practice too. Having a house now that is all ours makes me want to clean and decorate and re-arrange all day long. Last night i cleaned carpets, made dinner, vaccumed, straightened up, did dishes, washed couch cover...all from 6-9pm. Joel hates that i do it all, but i guess it's better to do it when he's not home vs on a weekend when he is...of course i do it then too. :(

Hettie Brewner said...

We sound seriously OCD! AAAHHHH!!!!