Monday, May 19, 2008

B is for Busch Gardens

We really had a fabulous day yesterday! After church, we went to Busch Gardens. It really was a perfect day: No lines, not too hot and we got to see Jacarandans. Awesome. I got soaked on the raft ride. Any way, we just had a whole lotta fun. I still don't really like Cheetah Chase, but Sean sure does like to get me on there. It is a kid ride, but I am telling ya, it is scary. We haven't had a weekend full of just fun in a long time. Usually we are doing responsible stuff. Which is not to say that it is un- fun, but it was nice to get a break. And we spent like no money. Nice. The dogs had fun with us gone, too, since they were sleeping on the bed on all our clean clothes and the couch, which they are not allowed to do either! Stinkers.

We also got very exciting news. Our friends in Indiana Joel and Becca are expecting their 1st child. We are so happy for them. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

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