Thursday, May 1, 2008

Slippery Little Suckers

This is the last thing I will say about school.... well, at least until May 12th! I got a 92 on my lecture final, sooooo I ended up with a B in both lecture and lab! These were some dang hard courses so I am pretty pleased with myself. OK, enough of that.

Sean and I went Uniform City to buy our 1st set of scrubs and some shoes. Sean had to buy "girlish" shoes, which was rather funny, especially the pair that had blue hearts on the sides of them. I told him he could cover them up by placing some Harley Davidson stickers on them. I am not even sure if the blue heart pair are the ones he ended up buying or not, but either way I am laughing now and I was laughing then, too. I will get to laugh daily if we do get the jobs and he wears them everyday! Love it! Oh, and BTW, scrubs are the 2nd best invention man has made behind my beloved iPod. I think now I know why I picked the professions of vet tech and nursing! I would be more than happy to wear them 7 days a week! I would save money on my civi wardrobe, as well!

Next up!!!!!!............ I looked at snakes. In the pet store. For about 10 minutes. They were in cages. There were a lot of them. I stood in front of their cages. Granted, I had chill bumps and about 12 complete body shudders and I was very jumpy and hypervigilant, but I did it! I will continue doing it until I get over this fear. I think after I get my mani/pedi today I will go back and look at snakes again since the pet store is next to my nail salon. Wish me luck!!!

PS: Mama: How was the Death By Chocolate?


Becca said...

Holy Mackerel Fish! You looked at snakes?! Congratulations! That'd be like me looking at cockroaches...but we all know that will never happen. LOL

Hettie Brewner said...

I know, can you believe it!!?? I really don't like roaches either, but the other day as I was scooping food out of the dog food bag over at the neighbors, there was a roach that got scooped too. Now, usually i would freak, run, scream, get Sean to kill it, but I did it on my own!!!!