Saturday, May 17, 2008

What I can do with my time when work doesn't get in my way! :O)

I didn't know that K-Mart actually has some cute stuff there. I know they used to not. They have moved up in the world of bargain shopping. Sean and I got bathing suits there and storage boxes to store all of our winter clothes. Like we really need winter clothes in one season (summer) Florida. Any way, I definitely have more room in the closets now.

We looked at a town home up the road from Dad's. Our agent had called with news that they are basically giving away these brand new homes. So, we were very hesitant to even go b/c we drive by them all the time and they have never done much for us, but let me tell you how surprised we were to see how nice they actually are. And the deals are fabulous, plus 6% closing costs paid. We looked at a 3 BR 2 Bath 1 car garage. It would be ready in Aug or Sept (that is when they would be done building it). We can also choose tons of upgrades to put on it. So any way, if something (God forbid) falls through with the TS house, well we have a pretty nice backup, hopefully #8 will still be available.

Afterwards, we went down to the Dunedin Historical Society and looked around. Pretty interesting stuff. Then we moseyed (sp?) on over to Bon Apetit and had a drink on their deck overlooking the water. I can never get sick of looking at the ocean and appreciating the beauty that God has given us.

This morning, we have already cleaned the house and taken the mutts for a walk in the rain. Now, off to Publix.

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