Saturday, May 10, 2008

Warning: My Cheeriness Is Highly Contagious!

Lots to talk about today. I think I would like to do this in list form. For some reason that sounds easier right now. Here it goes....

1. Thought: How come we have season passes, but we have only been to Busch Gardens 1 x? Are we really that busy that we cannot find some time to go for one day to ride the rides and have fun and utilize the fact that admission is FREE for the year?
2. Thought Part 2: Maybe we did not get the jobs at the vet clinic because, as my mom and Mike mentioned, as well as our mortgage broker, changing jobs before loan approval is not a good thing. I feel comforted knowing that. God was looking out for us!
3. We got to hand feed the Quaker parrots last night at Jeff and Dee's. Of course, I got the one that has not figured out how to eat from a dropper. Sean got the other 2 easy eaters.
4. Volunteer day 1 completed at the clinic. The vet techs and the vet are really nice there. I got to basically shadow them all and observe. I already learned a ton and it was only the first day. I am thrilled. I got to see blood taken from dogs, fecal samples, lab specimens, shots given and listen in/watch while the vet and vet tech were in with patients. It was really cool. I also learned a lot of puppy training tips. Monday = surgery day! YAY for me. Not so YAY for the recipient of the surgery.
5. I get to buy more scrubs today. 6 more pairs! Another YAY for me.
6. Sean yet again gives me a reason to believe that he has to be #1 all time best hubby. I gently pointed out that instead of playing golf with dad this morning, that he really should be working on the house. That sounds awful of me I know, but I am really feeling like we need to finish what we started here in preparation for our move. Plus the fact that there were no spots open for golf today. He was just going to go and see if he could take a no show spot. Any way, he stayed home and got a lot done. Thanks honey. I lovey you!

We are all (meaning Sean, the 3 dogs and I) having a fabulous weekend! Hope u r 2.


sbrewner said...

don't worry, i'll finish the jobs and be on the links in 2 weeks!!

Hettie Brewner said...
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