Monday, May 26, 2008

Ahoy Matey!

Robin's boyfriend, Robin, me, Sean - Pub Crawl
Island Day
My one and only

I have to say Sean and I have been doing a lot of fun things lately! It is nice, since we are usually boring, predictable, repetitive and scheduled. I enjoy the freedom of relaxing and spending our time together. I know most days will be filled with responsibilities, chores, errands, etc., but man have we been taking advantage of our free time. I could easily get used to this. I need to find a way to make money and get my degrees without working and going to school. Any suggestions? Really though, I enjoy the un- fun sides of life too. I have decided that yes I have to take care of things, but I really am going to be picky and choosey with my time b/c life is way too short and is certainly good when doing things I appreciate and enjoy doing.

After watching the nursery babes, we went out on the boat with our friends and neighbors Jeff and Dee. They have a really nice boat. We went to an island near Anclote Key in Tarpon. There were a ton of people out there. We swam, saw dolphins, rode around on a dingy, cooked out, meet lots of people, went out to the Gulf of Mexico, saw a naked man (not the highlight of the day I assure you!), walked the island and collected seashells, and just generally had a good ol time. I miss my boating days. Being from here, it is like second nature to me. And in GA we were always out on the lake. But for Sean, this was like his first time (besides military stuff) being out on a boat. He liked it so much that he wants to live on a boat. We will pray about that one. But we definitely had good times and I would be happy anywhere, so who knows maybe we will have an at sea address sometime in the future.

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