Wednesday, April 30, 2008

O What A Joyous Day!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday and today have been fabulous! I got an 85 on my lab final. I took my final for lecture. Class is over for micro! After work, we beautified my car and filled out more vet applications. We spent some time over at our neighbor's house and had a good ole time. Steve, Melinda and Emily came over to look at the neighbor's car. And I slept the whole night through.

Then today, we got a call from one of the vet clinics finally!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we went in for our interviews. The people are really nice and the clinic is awesome. They have their own pharmacy, boarding, electronic x- ray machine, surgery room with full breathing machines, just lots. They take care of cats, dogs, birds, exotics. Yes, I said exotics. I guess if we get the jobs I will be facing my fear of all things that slither sooner than later. I think I need to face it in a pet store rather than while on the job! That would be a good way to get fired real fast. The positions are for vet techs/assistants and there is a lot of room to grow and learn and move up. Also, benefits are great, even for Allie!!! We are really praying that we BOTH get the job. It would be such a blessing from God. Not to mention how much it would help with the VT program that I will be applying for this coming fall! Sean and I both have second "working interviews" on Friday. Me 9- 11 and Sean 2- 4. We also get to wear scrubs. Comfy.

I'm starved!!


Becca said...

Congrats on the good score on your final! awesome!
And yay for the job too, it would be great if you guys could work outside jobs and still be together! that like never happens!
I just remember your little 'freak out' when we were at Ron Jon's in Cocoa Beach when you saw the guy with the snake and grabbed my hand and just ran for dear sweet life. I was like WOAH!? WHAT? HUH? LOL fun times fun times.

Hettie Brewner said...

Read today's blog about snakes! U will be o so proud of me!