Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Marriage 101

Not much going on around here. We volunteered at the Humane Society yesterday and then did the usual errands and chores routine.

Oh yah, I suggest that every couple do a maintenance night once a week. It works wonders. Sean and I have been doing it for about 2 years now. Once a week, we talk. We talk about anything during the previous week that bothered us, excited us, made us mad, etc. We also have journals that we write in that we are supposed to do in order to stop any arguments and then we can read them during maintenance night. We are still working on that. It is really hard to be upset about something, not say something to the other person, go write in a book and a week later talk about it, but it is supposed to really help. Then we read from the Bible. After that, we will do a marriage exercise out of a workbook. You can get marriage workbooks at any bookstore. It is quiet time for us to say whatever is on our minds and/or hearts. It is not a time to argue or yell. It is a time to really listen to each other. It really makes our marriage complete. We got the idea of maintenance night from a marriage retreat in Cali that the Marine Corps offers. Any way, yah, it's good stuff!

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