Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My Wish List For Today:
1. Courage: To be okay with the fact that I will make mistakes and in the process learn so much more!
2. Strength: To leave my hubby until this evening. Saying bye to him in the mornings is heartbreaking in the worst kind of way. Oh I love him so!
3. Laughter: Because it really is the best thing in any situation.
4. A smile: Even when things get busy, confusing, crazy!
5. Compassion: For others and for their pets!
6. Patience: Because I have a very limited supply daily.
7. Intelligence: I do some really dumb, blond moment things on the daily!
8. Optimism: That all will work out with Sean's job search, our finances, the town home and starting our family.
9. Energy: Man-o-man am I cranky on not enough sleep!
10. Voice Awareness: As to not gossip about others.

Today is going to be a gorgeous day!

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