Monday, June 2, 2008

Daily Update In the Life Of...... Me!

1. Walked the dog and the neighbors dogs down to the brewery yesterday to get bathed and for us to have a beer. They almost didn't make it home b/c it is so dang hot outside.
2. Sean, Dad and I went in the pool. It was so nice to have my dad there. He rarely joins us in any of our activities!
3. Went to an open house. It is an old historic home. Going up for auction. Nothing we can afford. They say it will probably go for 950k. We just wanted to sneak a peek! We get there and it is a PARTY! Free food from a local celebrity chef down here, free champagne and entertainment. It was awesome! Oh and the home was gorgeous, but we were more concerned about the delish grub and nice drink.
4. After work today, volunteered at the vet clinic. I got to microchip a dog, give 2 injections, see 2 surgeries (both spays) and do a shave and surgical scrub. I heart it!
5. We just got back from filling out applications at 2 more vet clinics that had ads in Sunday's paper. Wish us luck!
6. Oh yah, we got our plane tix for our trip to Arizona to see mommy and Mike July 1 to 15. So excited!
7. Oh yah part 2: The cops came ringing our doorbell Friday night, waking all of us from a deep slumber and causing Allie to start barking. Why u ask? To ask about dogs barking in the neighborhood. Gee, thanks for that!

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