Monday, June 30, 2008

My Bags Are Packed

Church was good yesterday. Does anyone else besides me have a hard time getting into the music? I just can't get excited about it. It is not that the music is bad. Actually it is really good and quite hip too. It is just not my type of music. Now if I could only bring in my iPod then I could groove!

We went bowling last night with my coworkers. It was this girl Aimee's going away party. Her and her husband are moving to New Hampshire. We enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to hang out with them in a different setting besides work. I sucked at bowling, but that usually happens. I only got 1 spare in 2 games. Jeez!

I came home and tried to pack. I got really frustrated. I have a problem with packing. I don't feel that I am that materialistic, but I like to bring a lot with me. I don't like to wear the same thing twice over a two week period. Plus I like to be prepared. Well, I finished packing my big suitcase with 14 outfits, some jeans, 3 hoodies, maybe 6 to 10 pairs of shoes. Then I informed Sean that I will need to use my carry on for makeup and his carry on for my books. He was like great that leaves me with one bag and you 3, but you see he doesn't pack that much so I thought it was fair. He got upset with my packing abilities (or lack thereof) and said that he would help me repack. Well, that did not sound good to me at all. If I left it up to him I would probably be wearing only lingerie for the next two weeks. I told him I was too tired to deal with it and it was already done any way. I will let him weigh the bag and if it is too heavy, then and only then will I take some of my crap out. I know, I should figure out a better way to do this and really I try, but it doesn't seem to happen. On the bright side, I used to bring more shoes and many purses and lots of jewelry. I packed less shoes, only 1 purse and 1 set of jewelry. That's better, I say! My mom and Mike will be so un-thrilled to read this post. They are on my case about not packing so much, too. Love y'all! Smiles.

Today is my last morning with my kittens. I will miss them! I am a little sad.

I go into work at 11, but I need to get as much done as possible before our trip tomorrow.

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