Monday, June 23, 2008

Sean and Tiffany

Happy Birthday, my wonderful husband! I wish that we could spend the day together, but I know we got to celebrate on Saturday. Either way, I hope you have a fabulous day! I am so proud of you. Today is his first day at his new job. I know he will do fantastic. This company is lucky to have such a hard worker. He is extremely dedicated, dependable and intelligent. I know God has given us a real blessing with his new career as assistant manager (soon to be manager). Of course today is a little rough. My tummy is all tangled up b/c of him being away and yet another change in our life journey, but I know it is going to be just fine and we got our prayers answered. I do miss him much though! I don't go into work until 11 so I have had a nice getting stuff done morning.

Tiffany: I hope you know how much you mean to me. Miles and differences can never change that. After reading your email, I can only say that I must have failed somewhere along the way at showing you how much I love ya and how special you are to me. I need to do better. Actually, I need to do better with all my relationships. I have a hard time expressing my feelings for fear of rejection. Also, I feel as if I have lost touch b/c my friends don't wanna be my friends anymore. That sounds ridiculous and very childish. Any way, Tiff, we have been friends since 1990! That is a gosh darn long time sister! I can't imagine not having you in my life. I really appreciate your interest and concerns about me and Sean's recent life changes and the things that have been going on with my health. I am here for you any time you wanna chat. And I promise I will make it to New York to see you. That's awful of me that I haven't gotten there yet. I LOVE YOU!

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