Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Work was pretty laid back yesterday, which was nice. Usually we are running around like mad women. Sean had a good day, too. He was home by 1.

I would have to say my only complaint about yesterday is that I have to interact with other human beings. Why are people so rude? That is all I got yesterday over the phone and in person. Are people that unhappy and that grouchy all the time and why do they feel they should take it out on complete strangers (me)? Maybe I am too sensitive. It actually saddens me and is mind boggling, as well. How do I react to bad reactions? It is extremely hard to maintain a certain level of cheeriness and keep a smile on my face when people respond with a bad attitude. I didn't realize how people really were until getting a job outside of my little cubicle in the corner of my living room.

Here's for hoping today is brighter! It started off pretty darn good b/c one of the kittens finally pooped after 3 days of not!!!!!


Becca said...

LOL LOL LOL it's funny that a good day for you started out with poop. :)
Just try to shrug off the annoying bad mood people. When i worked hotels i dealt with it all the time, and eventually quit because of it. It's rough but you gotta remember that it's not your fault that they are having a bad day and hate the world. :)

Hettie Brewner said...

I know, I know. I had a long talk with dad and Sean last night about it and I can't let other peoples poor behaviors and bad attitudes affect my day. It's hard! I'm not used to it.