Sunday, June 22, 2008

When it rains, it frickin pours

The past 24 hours have been terrific and horrific all at the same time. It has been raining 2 days straight almost nonstop. It is cooler and the rain is nice, but it has limited what we were able to do with our weekend.

Yesterday after chores, Humane Society and pet sitting, Hillary (Sean's sis from Cali) and her friend came over. Hillary helped her friend move from Colorado to Orlando, so from there they came to visit for the evening.

I surprised Sean for his birthday. I met the electrician at our town home and paid for surround sound to be wired in our living room. He had wanted it so bad, I didn't, I won, we fought, now he has it, but actually wanting to give it to him this time and he was totally surprised! It was only $125.

We went to Macaroni Grill with the family and Hillary and her friend to celebrate me and Sean's BDs last night. Yes, a little early to celebrate mine, but since we will be in AZ for mine we thought we would do a combo one here. I got clothes, scrubs, gift cards, money and scrap booking stuff. Sean got gift cards, a drill, money. We got each other fancy sunglasses and he got me 2 books (another 1000 Places Book - this time just the US and Canada compared to worldwide in the last book, and a book by Nicholas Sparks - our favorite author!) and of course he got the surround sound.

We got 2 foster bottle babies (kittens) from the Humane Society. We were supposed to have them until the end of July, but will only be able to keep them until we leave for AZ on the 1st. They are 3 weeks old. A boy and a girl. We have to bottle feed them and even poop and pee them b/c they don't know how on their own. They are adorable. However, this morning after church we come home to find them covered and I mean COVERED in fleas. We rinsed them off and they were dripping blood. We rushed them back to the Humane Society where they got Dawn soap baths. They gave us a flea comb and some Advantage, but we can't put it on until Wednesday. I am so itchy now, but I know it is in my head. I pray we don't have a flea problem now. Dad doesn't know and I don't want him to, EVER! We came home and used the flea comb and think we got rid of them all. Poor things!

Sean and I have been arguing all day. Arguing has become a daily thing for us and it has to end. We never argue about anything important and we certainly don't have any reason really to ever be mad at one another. We just argue to do it I guess. But after a full day of talking, crying, yelling, hugging, threatening divorce, there are going to be some major changes in this marriage. We love each other way too much to be acting the way that we have been toward one another. I think we get too hung up on life and being busy and going, doing, chores, errands, finances, jobs, school, where we are going to live, when we will finally make a baby, going to Arizona, volunteering, family, friends, church, cleaning, laundry, Allie, a year from now, 10 years from now, that dang it we forget to live in the moment and just be! Relax and enjoy. We used to do that when we first got together. We laughed, had fun, appreciated one another, weren't perfectionists or controlling or argumentative, had a good love life, cuddled, kissed, had friends and just took it one minute at a time. Now, we are way too serious and we need to get off our Holy Christian Horses! We have become judgmental and down right poopy! I will not stand for this anymore. We both deserve way more than this and we love each other way more than what we show. We have become fake. We are always told how we are the perfect couple, but it has been somewhat of an act as of late. I mean don't get me wrong, all hasn't been bad, we definitely have good times, but there is always all this crap looming behind us stinking up the place! We have got to let go of it! We really haven't been us since we moved to Cali, not through and through any way. We have become self conscious and have low confidence levels within ourselves. We are so scared to hurt the other or say the wrong thing that we have become a sort of robot machine thing, just going through the motions. Any way, we have talked and sorted it all out. Now, I am fully confident that things are going to be lovey and beautiful and wonderful.

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