Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here we go again

We had yet another job interview at a vet clinic yesterday. They are looking for 2 people. The vet actually interviewed us and we were there for about an hour and a half. She is such a sweetheart. The interview went really well and she seemed to really like us. So, now we are waiting for a phone call. She said if we haven't heard from her by Friday 3 pm to give her a ring. There are only 2 downsides to the situation. 1. They had a BAD experience with hiring a couple one time. 2. We told her about our vacay from July 1- 15. SSSSOOOOO, we will see. We want it really bad. But we will not go crazy like the last vet clinic job we thought we were getting. We are going to wait and hope and pray patiently and I mean it this time!

Our power was out from about 10- 2 pm yesterday. That was uncool. I never realized how dependent I am on a little thing like electricity until it was gone. Did you know it is electricity that powers the blow dryer and illuminates the spotlight that allows me to apply my makeup and keeps me cool during 100 degree summer days and keeps all my food fresh!? Thank you power! You are my friend.

My cousins are high school grads! The family went to Red Lobster for dinner and then to the grad ceremony last night at Bright House Fields. I am so proud of them! Here are some pics from their big night..........

Emily and Daniel (3rd and 4th people from the left)
Aunt Michelle (orange shirt)
Uncle Dave
Sarah Cole
Grandma and Granddad
The Grads

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