Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mew Mew

Sean had a good first day and a good birthday. He was on the trucks yesterday with the movers and helped out with that. He will be doing that most of the week, just to see how the actual moving part all works. He was home before me (5) and me after 7. We were missing each other too much and this morning has started the same with my tummy being all yucky, but I am hoping the anxiety and worry will abate sooner than later.

Dad surprised us with a BD cake last night. On Saturday at our party no one remembered a cake for us and I was giving dad a hard time, so he made up for it. How sweet of him!

I know we just need to get through this week. This is Sean's training week and after that it will most always be 8 to 5. We are just praying that this first week is easy and he is home early. OR that we just suck it up and be strong!

The kittens are better. They are eating more and are a lot more active and talkative! I am sure they are feeling a million times better now that they aren't covered in fleas. They still haven't gone #2 so I will probably need to tell the Humane Society about that. At least they are peeing. A girl at work who has fostered a gazillion times said to prepare myself for them to die, don't get attached and don't cry. OK, sure! I am already attached and would definitely cry. She said kittens that young without their mom usually don't make it, even if they make it for a few months at first. I am praying that these 2 little fur balls are strong enough to get through this and that Sean and I are good replacement parents.

Time to eat, then off to work.

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