Friday, June 13, 2008

No Catchy Title

A lady rushed into our clinic yesterday with her dog gushing blood from its foot. He had been out in the backyard when it happened. She didn't know what had happened, just heard him yelping. Any way, it ended up that he had to have one toe amputated and 2 splinted.

I started to train checking people in and out yesterday, which got busy and confusing, but today is a new day! I also trained to close, which was confusing because apparently I don't know how to count/close a cash drawer, which ended in us staying late to recount until I got it right. It had been a long day and my brain was overworked. Like I said, today is a new day and I am excited about work and I have to remember it is my 4th day and I am not supposed to know everything already. It took me years to feel as if transcription was second nature. I plan on being in a vet clinic for years and everyday I will learn something new. I gotta hang in there.

It is very sad that so many people cannot afford to care for their animals. We get calls everyday asking if they can do payment plans or get free care b/c something is wrong with their animal and they don't have the money to fix the problem. Usually, the pet has not been seen in some time, is behind on all shots and yearly checkups, has some problem that has not been looked at for months, so that it gets worse and turns into an emergency and then there is no money to pay for it. To top it off, usually the person is upon hard times with their own lives, jobs, money, health, etc. It just breaks my heart. I never thought of it from this point of view. I know I will be surrounded by it more at this clinic b/c we are a low cost clinic, which makes me happy to know we are doing our best to try to help people out, but it is depressing at the same time.

Sean had a meeting with our mortgage broker and it boils down to this. He has to find a job that makes at the bare minimum $10/hour. Furthermore, it has to be hourly, not relying on tips, commissions, under the table, etc. We gotta get moving or we won't get approved for our loan. He is even willing to go the telemarketing route, which he loathes. God love em.

His car was fixed, $600 later, and what happens? The "SRS" light comes on, which is some safety feature, but does not affect the running of the car. But if we got into an accident, it could affect our safety. So, he calls Mercedes (where the car had been for the past 24 hours) and what do they say? That will be $150 just to check it out, not even fix the darn thing!!!!! What!? I think they triggered the light to come on, just so we would have to bring it back and pay more money. They were probably mad that we did our homework and found that we could purchase brakes and a battery elsewhere for less and not through them. Any way, we are not taking it back any time soon and will just deal with the light and our increased unsafetiness (word?)!

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