Saturday, June 21, 2008

Olive Oyl

I was exhausted yesterday after our baseball game the night before and then a busy day of work yesterday. After I got off, dad, Sean and I went to the mall. We ate at Ruby Tuesdays and then I attempted to go birthday shopping. Dad and I have a tradition of him taking me shopping for my BDs and Christmas. I went into Forever 21 first. I either didn't like what they had, it didn't fit or it didn't look right on me. I do not understand how I get all the same sizes in shirts, pants and dresses and some of the clothing articles fit, but some of the other ones I tried on were too big or too small. Their store was so unorganized, too. Then I went into some store that I don't even remember the name of and walked right back out. I ended up at Aeropostle. Same thing there. I tried on all the same sizes, but only some things fit. Do I have a weird body type or something? I mean I know I am thin, have ungodly long, stick thin arms, no chest and long legs, but that isn't terribly abnormal right? How do size 3/4 capris end up being too big on me, but a size small shirt looks tighter than a leotard on me? After much frustration, I ended up with a dress, 3 or 4 shirts , 1 pair of lounging pants, a belt and a purse - right as they were closing the gates on me.

Our pet sitting has been quite interesting. The man is older and a Nervous Nelly. He calls repeatedly if we are more than a minute late getting to his house. He freaks out and panics. The wife has dementia, which makes it even weirder b/c she doesn't ever call. If she were the one constantly ringing our phones I would understand. Yesterday Sean had a firm talk with him and since he has not called. Thank goodness. It was starting to stress us out and we love to pet sit and definitely don't want to be stressed out about it. Tomorrow is our last day with them, which might be a good thing. They are sweet people, we love the dog, but it has been very trying on our patience.

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