Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Blues

We had a good Father's Day around here. After church, we did a lot of chores around the house and just hung out with dad. Ran some errands with dad and got a ton of much needed rain. Then the family all met at the grandparents for a BBQ.

We were very encouraged with the classifieds yesterday and Mr. Sean will be very busy with interviewing and job searching this week. I need to stay strong for him and pray lots and be a good support system and not get stressed out. I know he will do great and I am fully confident and comfortable in all decisions he will make. Any employer would be lucky to have him. He is determined, hard working, brilliant and dependable.

We have decided to share a little secret. We came off of birth control on Easter weekend. We didn't want to tell anyone because we didn't want to make a huge deal about it. We figured we would just get pregnant and everyone would know any way. God had other things in store for us and that is definitely not what happened. I know I had mentioned this previously, but I will summarize again. We found out I had an abnormal PAP a few months back and they wanted to do a colposcopy (a sample of tissue/cells from cervix), which also revealed abnormal cell growth. This is nothing new, I have had many abnormal PAPs, colposcopies, 2 LEEPs and acid treatments, starting when I was 19 years old. Any way, so then they decided to do cryosurgery (freeze the abnormal cells from my cervix). That was 3 weeks ago. When we went in for that appointment, we were crushed to find out no sex for 3 weeks and after that, condom only until the end of August, at which time I will go back in for another PAP to see if it comes back normal. Praying that it does b/c then the treatment worked. When we heard this we of course asked questions and basically the OB-GYN said definitely nothing for 3 weeks and then after that, it is our choice. it isn't proven that sex will make matters worse, but it isn't dis-proven (word?) either. After many tears and many conversations, we decided to go with the doctor's orders for the sake of my health and hopefully maybe a cure once and for all. So, while it is only a few months and the best decision, it has been a hard time for us. We were so excited, only to be told not now because of my female issues. We are trying to be patient though. Now that cat is out of the bag. :O)


Becca said...

awwwww yay for no b/c!!! LOL. I'll be keeping you in my prayers through all of this female stuff going on for ya. While i didn't have near the medical problems we had all types of issues, and no answers. Hopefully everything will work out and you'll be healthy and all good soon! YAY for potential babies!

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks for the kind words baby doll!