Sunday, June 8, 2008


Well, I turned in my hours and badge at the vet clinic where I was getting my volunteer hours. That was sad! Hopefully, we can keep in touch.

We visited new customers for pet sitting. This is an Aussie Shepherd mix who will need walking for five days, three times a day. The really sad thing is he has a disease comparable to MS in humans so he does not have use of his back legs. We will have to harness him and walk him while his hind legs drag behind him on the ground. The disease will progress and so he will not be able to use is front legs eventually. On a happy note, the dog seems really happy and not in pain.

We went to a Parrothead Party in downtown Palm Harbor. There was live music and tons of vendors with food, drink and tons of shopping stuff. It was really hot, but we had a lot of fun and there were a lot of people there. We walked around a bit and then ate dinner at the Thirsty Marlin.

Then we went over to see the 2 Yorkies we are watching for the next 2 weeks. We have to go twice a day. We hung out with them for about an hour and a half. They are such loves.

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