Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today is my day off! We have a lot of stuff to do, but I will enjoy my day with my husband.

We are pet sitting again. This time we (Sean mostly since I am at work) are making three visits daily to walk a dog named Buddy. He lost the use of his hind legs. He has MS. We have to put his back legs in a harness and then carry them, as they dangle to the ground, while he only uses his front legs to walk. It is very sad, but he is the sweetest, happiest dog and he seems to be enjoying life and almost pain free. It is amazing how a dog can set an example for us human folk.

Sean has a job interview at 9:15 this morning for an assistant manager position at a company called Two Men and a Truck. He had filled out an application on Monday and went in there yesterday to follow up on his application. Well, they were basically like yah, we will call you. He started walking out the door when the owner rushed after him and said "Are you a Marine?". Sean replied yes. Come to find out the owner is a Marine! YAY! So, while they had a stack of job applicants, Sean just got moved to the top because of their Marine Corps relationship. We are really excited and praying that he gets this job. I know he will do great at the interview.

I got my first paycheck yesterday. Did you know the government takes taxes from your pay? I am certainly not used to that! I went 8 years without that. But no, it was nice to already get paid and I love my job even if the pay isn't as great as the Word Doc. We get paid biweekly. Oh and I still have 10 weeks of owed money to me from the Word Doctor. So I will be getting double paid for a while. Nice. Now, if only the IRS would send Sean and I our stimulus check! Where the heck is it?

Also, I finished the 80 hours I needed to complete my application into the vet tech program this fall, which I have now turned in. Now, I wait to see if I got accepted. Praying so.

Have a great day!

I hope you are feeling better, Becca!


Becca said...

Cheerios, that's my secret now. I i LOVE dry plain Cheerios. LOL

But that's awesome that Sean has a foot in the door on a job!
I hope he gets it!! And ya for finishing your vet tech hours, cool cool! So did you just never pay taxes before or something? I don’t understand? LOL how did that work? Be happy that your Uncle Sam doesn’t take state taxes too. I have double state taxes since I live and work in two different places too…..SUX!

Hettie Brewner said...

I sent in quarterly payments to the IRS yearly. But then we always got money back b/c of all my deductions. It was way different working from home and being 1099'ed. Different rules and different things you can claim. But taxes were a PITA this way. So it should be easier now. I hope!