Friday, June 27, 2008

Going Under

So I got a lot accomplished on my day off around the house and errand wise. I even had a good experience at the DMV! When the heck does that ever happen? My license expires on my BD (7/13) and since we are going out-of-town on Tuesday for 2 weeks I figured I better get it done. There was no wait. That's right I said NO WAIT! So then after that pleasant experience, a passing eye exam and my new license in hand with a not too bad picture if I do say so myself, I went to Uniform City. I got 2 more scrub tops and a pair of pants. I am addicted, I know. In my defense, I had a gift card from my uncle and aunt from our BD party last weekend. I am almost up to 2 weeks worth of scrubs without having to wear the same thing twice. Yep, addicted!

Then for the not so good news. I went to the dermatologist. I got prescriptions for my breakouts, which that is really exciting. How I yearn for a clear complexion. She said I will have to be patient and it could take a while for the meds to completely work, but I feel as if I am on the road to full recovery! I also had a full skin check. Well, not really b/c she didn't do a very good job, however, she managed to use local anesthesia on my tummy, back and chest and then cut out 3 odd looking moles - they were biopsied and sent off to the lab. I also have 3 stitches, one at each removal site. I am sore. The stitches will be in for 2 weeks. Now, for the worst news. I have had a cyst on my thigh (really close to my booty) that was actually removed when I was in like second grade. Well, it's back and now there are 2 cysts there. I will have to undergo surgery. SURGERY! They will be putting me under for 30 MINUTES to remove them and then stitch me up. I will be making the appointment after we get back from Arizona. Scary, I say, oh so scary!

I am feeling awfully cute today in my new scrubs. It's amazing what a new outfit will do to my confidence level. How superficial huh?! Off to work.

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