Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wide Awake and Bushy Tailed

Friday has come and gone and quickly. My favorite day never sticks around long enough. Work was busy yesterday! I finally feel comfortable manning the front desk, which means checking people in and out, answering phones, scheduling appointments, filling meds and whatever else that goes on. Still not so comfortable with closing for the day, but I'll get there.

My sweet husband dropped by to walk me to my car and hold an umbrella for me because it was raining cats and dogs (that was cute huh!?). How romantic is that? I have an umbrella holder like P. Diddy. Wait..... he went back to Puff Daddy. I hope I don't get fined for that!

So, then we met my dad and grandparents at drum roll please......... Capognas.......... shocker there. But good times and good food were had, as always!

Then off to see the Yorkies. We were stopped while walking them in the neighborhood by someone wanting info on our pet sitting. Yay, any way we can get the word out there.

We saved about $7500 on our town home by taking the really expensive extras off that the other couple had wanted and by saving, cutting costs where we could on the lower end, but nice products and then adding things that were more important to us.

Now, this morning, I feel totally refreshed. I slept in until 6:30 instead of my usual 5 a.m.!

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