Friday, June 20, 2008


Great, gorgeous fabulous day yesterday!

We met with the head hauncho over at our town home to talk about the construction of it and everything that we added to it (the shopping that we had done last week for the appliances, fixtures, flooring, blinds, etc.). He was really nice and it is so exciting. We should close mid September. We have to be patient and I know the time will fly by, but I am so excited.

Sean had to leave the meeting early to go to his job interview. It went well and he had a callback at 4. More on that later.

I did some chores around the house and went to Uniform City to get some more scrubs. I don't even get to wear normal clothes barely anymore. I picked up some for dad to give me for my BD party tomorrow! Don't you love how I go shopping for dad to give gifts to me????

Next up, Sean and I washed my car, picked up free pizza and went to the bank. Then we went grocery shopping. I recommend taking advantage of your grocery store's circulars. We saved $100 that way and we got a ton of healthy, organic items. Yum yum delish. And mostly buy 1 get one or 2 for x amount of dollars.

Then Sean went for his follow up interview and guess what......... he got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He starts on Monday. He got the assistant manager position. Him and another guy will both be starting on Monday, but they will be vying for the top manager position. After that candidate is chosen, the other one will be assistant manager. Sean is really hoping he gets the head manager position, but still being hired as assistant manager ain't too shabby. He will be working 8-4 or 5, five days a week in a comfy air conditioned office. He will have to go on the trucks just to see how that aspect of the company works. He will also have to go to Orlando (the other office) to see how that store runs for a few days after we get back from Orlando. He is in a salary position! We calculated it all out and between his job, disability from the VA and my job we are going to be making 60k a year! I don't even know what to do with that kind of money, but well really we will just do the same as we do now. It is like double what we have been living off of since Sean got out of the Marine Corps and while we have struggled some, we have had lots of good times too and we always pay our bills on time. It was worth it to spend so much time together over the past 1 1/2 years. The only difference now is we should be approved for our town home and money shouldn't be such a stress anymore. I know I will still be a tight wad b/c well that is just who I am! We are thrilled about all this good news!

Sean, dad, the grandparents, Uncle Dave, Dan and I went to the Rays game last night. It was packed! And crazy. It was a very good game, but better for the family than for my hubby. The Rays played the Cubs (Sean's team), but the Cubs lost. We did have fun though. We didn't get home until midnight. Hopefully I have a ton of energy today for work. I will have to try some of the organic energy revitalizing smoothies we got from Publix yesterday.

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