Thursday, June 12, 2008

At a Loss for Words (wha?????)

Well, now that I have a job that is taking up about all my time, I don't have as much to talk about. I worked from 9 - 730 last night. So yeah, I guess I could talk about work, but I am not so sure anyone wants to hear about all that.

So I guess I can talk about how wonderful my hubby is. I have been leaving him a to do list, which I am sure he just loves, but he is getting everything done that I haven't had time to do since my new job.

He had an interview at a vet clinic yesterday, but we are not sure about it b/c he would have to work every Saturday and rotate Sundays and I have Saturdays and Sundays off (at least this month I have Saturdays off and Sundays we are closed) so we really want to spend those days together.

We had our friend Justin inspect our new town home and he said the builders are going above and beyond with the building and structure of the home, so that was great news.

Not so great news, Sean's car went in for routine maintenance, which will be about 5 or 600 dollars, but Sean found a way to save us a couple of 100 dollars so that was good.

We gotta find Sean a job and fast b/c we probably won't get approved for a loan otherwise, since our mortgage broker so kindly pointed out that I took a 60% pay cut when I took this new job (darn). I am not too worried about it though. Sean is looking for something and fast. And I love where I am and know that I had to start at the bottom since I don't have any experience and it is absolutely satisfying and gratifying to know I am actually in my career finally and what I am actually learning and studying for. YAY!

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