Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And The Plot Thickens

After school and work, we went around filling out some more job applications. This time at restaurants and a grocery store. Even Starbucks, which BTW we actually stepped inside the store, filled out the apps and did not leave with coffee in our hands. That is a first. Go us, way to practice self-control! It would be interesting if we got jobs there. I can see us being totally wired all the time b/c we would be all hyped up on the delicious brews. We also filled out apps at Publix. Each online app took about half an hour. Never spent that long on an application, kinda weird that it was Publix, but hey if they feel it is necessary than they must have good reason. We went to Chili's where they would not even let us fill out applications. OK. Strange. Other than, we went to about 5 or so other restaurants.

I siged up for summer term and will be taking New Testament Survey online. After that, I will have my AA! Yay!

This morning, we found out that the owners of the house will have to go into a short sale. Their bank would not allow them to sell the house b/c they owe too much money. Basically a short sale will take about 120 days or so. We will put in an offer and then wait and see. There are pros and cons to doing it this way. The longer wait of course will teach us a lesson in patience. We will either get accepted or denied by the bank and if someone offers more for the house we automatically lose our offer. We may not get all closing costs paid for either. We will be able to offer a little less, but not too much or then someone could offer higher and we wouldn't get it any way. We will wait until the bank gives us an answer before inspections and appraisals. We will be able to back out if we find something better before then.

I was taught a tremendous lesson from the big man upstairs. I cannot think I have him figured out and that I know what he is going to do with my life. Furthermore, I cannot map out my life and then tell him how it is going to be. Nor can I give him stipulations or ultimatums. What I can do is really quite simple. I can love him, fear him, follow him, learn about him, serve him and try to make him happy.

I am forever grateful for God giving us another chance on this house after the way I exhibited very un-Christian-like behavior yesterday.


sbrewner said...

Sounds like you have the right idea, love you baby

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