Saturday, April 5, 2008

There's a lot wrong with a man being pregnant

Yesterday was good and very productive. After work and studying, chores, etc, we went to the carpet store to pickup some of our wood/tile floor shipment and then to dinner with the family, which is always nice.

Today, we have an orientation for Bark at the Ballpark (a Humane Society event) and then we will be taking care of the cats there. Who knows what the day will bring after that. I have already gotten a ton of stuff done around the house today. Yay. I'm so good.

I don't know why this just popped into my brain, but I am so disgusted with the pregnant man (WOMAN) that was featured on Oprah. I just don't understand where s/he and the wife thought that bringing a baby into this world was a good idea. Plus the way they did it was totally barbaric....obtaining a needle from a vet and then artificially inseminating s/he in their own home NOT under an MD's supervision. This poor unborn child has no say in the matter. Life has already not started out well for this baby and it has not even entered our world entirely. So what does this kid call his mom and mom that looks like a man, are they both mommy and mommy or what? You couldn't say that it would be mommy and daddy when daddy is the one giving birth!!!!!! And that will be so traumatizing on down the road for the kid to see pics of the mother being pregnant, but looking like a man. How confusing. And people wonder why kids grow up to be rapists and murderers.

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