Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Will Work For Free, For Real!!!!!

Sean and I filled out about 6 or so applications at vet clinics yesterday. Most were not actually hiring, but accepting applications. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed and praying that something works out. I was naive to think yah we will just go work at a vet clinic together. It really is not that simple. Probably because we have no experience and are not certified vet techs. That has got to be the reason. Ya think!!?? Sheesh. But we have to start somewhere. I have to do this for school and the Dean of the vet tech program said as long as you explain what you are doing, they are usually very responsive to it. I hope so! I need to be patient. We have only gone 2 days to fill out apps. I expected the phone to ring already and that is very unrealistic of me. But I like things to happen immediately......, which that hardly ever happens. Hopefully, they can see some of the qualities that we do possess and they will want to hire us any way. Hopefully!

After our job hunting, we had our volunteer time at the hospital gift shop. Then home to eat, relax, sleep.

I saw this morning on our home search web site that the house on Greenglen that we really under offered on (like 75k less than the asking price) is active with a contract. I thought I would be upset about it, but really I am not. I am so glad we did not get that house now. If we had, we would have never found the one we are trying to get now.

Any way, off to school I go.


Kadi said...

Good morning! I read your comment and just wanted to clarify something about the Yield spread Premium. It is not on your real estate contract. It will only be visible on the final loan documents. Ususally, the loan brokerage will send a notary out with the final loan docs. That is the only time you will see the YSP. We had to send the notary away because of it. The notary will not be aware of what a YSP is, so don't bother asking him. This link:
may help explain it as well. It may also be called a service release premium. Any way you slice it...it just means that the broker is giving you an above par rate and pocketing the kickback from the bank for doing so.
Good luck to you in your moving venture :)

Hettie Brewner said...

Thanks Kadi! I already wrote on your blog how much I appreciate your help. We are really excited about getting our first home together. Take care!