Sunday, April 13, 2008

Until We Meet Again

We volunteered in downtown Clearwater yesterday at a pet fair for the Humane Society. It went really well and we had a lot of fun. Of course, it is always fun to see all the pups out and about. And of course there was a little drama. Our booth was next to the dog knitting sweater lady that we ordered a sweater from for Allie, but did not get because of bad customer service. Of all the booths she had to be next to ours! Also, there was some random rude man yelling at these kids. For like a long time. For no reason. Nice. Drama Drama.

Then we went house hunting with our realtor. We weren't too thrilled with any of them, except for the 1910 house in Tarpon. We will be putting an offer on it and hopefully everything works out and we can make this our home. Gosh I love old historic homes. They come with such warmth and character and welcome anyone in. New houses seem so stark and cold and uninviting. It takes work to make them feel like home. This house is already a home, it just needs a family (hopefully us!).

I have a question, directed mostly to military wives. What do you do when you part from your hubby each day? Is it no big deal or is it kinda anxiety-producing b/c of the experiences with prior deployments and all that came along with being in the military? I am asking b/c Sean and I are still having difficulties in this area and would like to know how to resolve the issue. Some days are better than others. It is very frustrating all the same and not something that either one of us likes. We need to get over it. It has been too much of a strain for way too long and holds us back from living our lives normally at times. Any advice would be appreciated.


megan said...

Hi! Saw your question and couldn't help but relate. Jeremy and I both leave at about the same time in the morning, so that helps. Plus he helps me out in the morning (makes me coffee and lunch etc) so it's a positive experience when we're both off to work. But the main thing is that I'm happy to remind myself each and every morning that we'll come home to each other! There's absolutely nothing better in my life than seeing Jeremy at the end of the day, and knowing that will happen every day for the rest of our lives. Knowing this and reminding myself of it every day makes those reflections more positive / make me more appreciative of our life now. Now, if he goes somewhere for the weekend or something, that is a different story. That's where phone calls and lots of normal conversation helps. If we talk all throughout the day and I know he's not far away, I remember that it's NOT the same situation anymore. Just keep reminding yourself to be grateful and happy with the way it is now! I know you two are happy, and I'm happy for you too.
Thinking of you!

Nancy said...

Hi Hettie-I have lots to say about military separation. I will write when i have more time!


Hugs to Sean the Builder-who couldn't build a BK whopper! :-)