Friday, April 18, 2008

One Song Or Pretty Picture Away From An AA

So, you would think after 10 years of going to college on and off that I would actually have a degree by now right? Wrong. Oh so wrong, BUT I am so close to hanging that degree on my wall, it is exciting. Well, really annoying would be more like it. I hadn't even thought about the fact that I could have my AA in general studies until one of my lab partners mentioned it to me. I am so focused on getting my vet tech and nursing degrees that I didn't even think about it. So Sean and I went the the admin building yesterday to apply for my degree when the lovely lady behind the desk informed me that I need one more Humanities class. Yea, that's right, one measly Humanities class. It doesn't matter that I have 800 science classes under my belt or the fact that I took World Cinema, which they can't use as a Humanities class (why I don't know, aren't movies classified under Humanities?). So, I was really looking forward to having a break from school until August when I start the vet tech program. Now, I get to take a class in art or music or religion just to get that stupid piece of paper. What a waste. I want something easy and I don't want to have to be writing any papers or really studying at all for the matter. Oh and I wanna take it online. I don't even need this class for my 2 degree programs. How messed up is that? Okay, I'm done complaining. It will be fine and hopefully an easy A. :O)

Got a counteroffer on the house. If ya wanna know more about that, go to Sean's blog.

Hey, visit his anyway. He got on some hit counter and saw that my blog has more hits than his. Dunno why. Show him some love people.

Okay, this is no lie. I stink. I need to get my lazy butt in the shower. Really, I smell myself. Well, Allie is sitting next to me. I'll just blame it on her. I showered yesterday and was not hanging around farm animals all day so where the heck is this odor coming from?


Becca said...

ugh i loved my humanities classes. I wanted to take more of them rather than electives, but they wouldn't let me. :( I took greek/roman and lae roman/medieval and they were both awesome! Good luck with classes...i'm just glad to be done with what i got.

sbrewner said...

Love you sweetie :)

Hettie Brewner said...

I actually really liked my Humanities class too, it is just I don't need anymore for my 2 majors. On well, I will take 1 and get my AA. No biggie. I love school. I don't think I will ever stop going. I love to learn.

Love you Sean and Becca!