Thursday, April 3, 2008

M is for Marriage

So, I got some very sad news yesterday. I found out that Jan's fiance decided to call off their June wedding. This is AFTER band reservations, invitations sent, dresses bought, etc. I guess the reasons for his running away are unclear, but I think it doesn't really matter. My heart goes out to her and I am praying lots.

It got me to thinking about how rare it is to find a perfect mate. I know so many people who have been divorced, have crappy marriages/relationships or want to get married and can't find the one.

Then, I know others who are happily married and it just seems like they were meant to be, that God has mapped out their lives perfectly for them.

I am one of the ones that found my soul mate. Of course we argue and things aren't always great, but man do we really love each other and we make the effort to work on our marriage everyday. Sean even willingly goes to a marriage class with me once a week..... And he looks forward to it! He gives me foot rubs and massages daily and he tries to help me with chores and errands as much as I will let him. But most importantly, he loves me and would do anything in this world for me and genuinely puts me before himself.

I have had many trials and errors with relationships before Sean and a lot of heartache, but I also learned a lot and am able to offer Sean the things that I think are most valuable for us on our journey together.

I need to be thankful for what we have. I hate that this happened to Jan. I know in the end that it will have been best for her and God must just have other plans for her adventure in life, but at the moment, it is not much of a consolation. She is such a strong woman and I know she will get through this too, sometimes I just wonder why these tests come along, hasn't she been tested enough already!? Please pray for her.

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sbrewner said...

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful wife. I love you so much and I am praying for Jan too.