Friday, April 11, 2008

This Place Has Gone To The Dogs

My tummy finally has stopped feeling like a WWF wrestling match going on inside of it. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now. No fun. If I had gone to get Prilosec sooner, I wouldn't have dealt with the pain this long, but that just goes to show how stubborn I really am. Hey, if you're going do something, do it well! I have IBS and reflux. Good times. If ya don't know what that is, Google it. Kinda embarrassing and since a week or so ago I was talking about breast lumps and hemorrhoids (which is gone thankfully) I think I will save myself a little dignity today. Any way, the pain was intense enough to cause tears yesterday at the school library. Sean meanwhile thinks I am crying because of my report that is due next week. Gosh, am I that emotional???? Don't answer that. So I decide to get on Mayo Clinic . com and look up IBS. Well, guess what? Taking antidepressants actually helps IBS. Great, I finally weaned myself off of those. Figures huh!

Today, we have a meet and greet with a couple who wants us to pet-sit their Boxer and Terrier for 17 days in May at our house. Let me tell you how dad is so not thrilled about having three mutts terrorizing the house for the better part of a whole month. Hopefully it all works out because it is extra money. It should be interesting.

I got a 78 on my last micro test. I have an 80 average in lecture and an 85 average in lab. I really hope I can keep my B's. The girl who sits next to me got a 90 on her test and she "didn't even study, just does well on mult choice tests!" Loser. Just kidding. Kinda. Now, I am beginning to see why Sean and I lack in the friend department. Oh and she was telling me her insecurities about nursing school and I was like yay someone else feels the way I do. Great Hettie, way to show compassion there. Really, she is a sweet girl....... and I am so glad she does not know anything about my blog. Gosh!

Dad is off from work today, which means he will be around for the meet and greet. Just adding to my anxiety about this going well. I can just hear him telling these people that it ain't gonna work out and that it is time for them to leave and take their stinky dogs with them. OK, positive thinking.


sbrewner said...

thankfully, the lawnmower was distracting him. He didn't get a chance to call them names. I hope it goes well!

Hettie Brewner said...

I was thanking God for giving him the keys to the lawnmower yesterday!